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EGR Valve Removal, The Plain Facts

Its a well documented obsession of enthusiast diesel owners to remove an EGR valve or an owner with a faulty EGR valve, the want to remove it.

EGR removal in engineering terms will break down into a number of issues.

We are currently seeing tuners offering EGR deletes on vehicles equipped with LIVE DPF systems. We DO NOT offer this service for a number reasons. First of all, as part of the integral emissions system that was embedded into the software, the EGR and DPF systems work together in the regeneration process, as such we only remove EGR functions with DPF deactivation.

If the EGR system is deleted by means of duty cycle and airflow modification, this will have a negative impact on the DPF regeneration cycle. The DPF system was designed to work along side the EGR using different strategies in the passive and active regeneration process.

Our egr removal software simply closes the egr once the car is up to temprature , the engine needs the egr to help warm the cylinders on cold starts. blanking off the egr compleatly will cause nothing but problems.