The Myths And Truths Of Remapping

Gasoline / Petrol Stage 1234+ Tuning


FACT - Its a load of non sense, its either tuned correctly or not.

Usually started from vehicle owner forums run/owned/funded by tuning companies thus pushing 'sponsors' -- pushing the myth that every time an extra piece of hardware is installed on the engine, then a calibration adjustment is required. To a certain degree this is true when you get to high levels of modification. In the eyes of the general public, this poses a grey area between the stage 1 and 2 ++ tune calibration. On a modern torque based petrol ECU, the fitting of the following requires NO further modification;

  • Full exhaust system with Decat

  • Cold air intake system or air filter replacement

  • Inter-cooler upgrade

  • Basically anything that improves airflow and/or lowers intake temperature into and from the engine.


The truth of the matter is, a correctly calibrated ECU will be able to deal with the extra air or air at a higher relative density (cooler) thus adjusting fuel and advance trims accordingly (adaption). This is where people assume, that having all of this hardware fitted they require further adjustments.

It has should be noted that some companies offer stage 1 and 2 tunes to completely stock vehicles. After years we are still waiting for some one to explain what the difference is.

The requirement for a further calibration would be hardware such as;

  • Upgraded much larger turbocharger

  • Upgraded injectors / fuel system

  • Larger MAF or modification to run on MAP alone (Alpha N)

  • Basically anything that requires re-calibrating or re-scaling from standard production sensor curve (input)


Even then how this falls in the the mythical stage scale is yet to be seen. ITS EITHER TUNED CORRECTLY OR NOT.