Here at Road Rage Performance we have been busy testing what the new Hyundai N Performance cars are capable of when it comes to tuning .  

These cars are looking to become common place in the tuning world, similar to the Ford Focus and VW Golf Platforms.  

After seeing some interesting results from around the world we decided to see what we could do ourselves. 

Once we had acquired a suitable development car we set to getting some stock runs on our rolling road,stock figures rolled in at 279BHP and 320Ftlbs of torque on a car with 5000 miles on the clock.


This was slightly over manufactures figures so not bad for a bone stock car, results can vary depending on how the car has been run in during early miles .


i30 N Performance Stock run.jpg

As you can see from the stock graph these 2.0L turbo engines have a pretty decent power and torque curve straight out the box. The one weak point being the dip in power around 5000 rpm, this can be felt while on the road and is something we aimed to fix with our remap. 


ecu pic.png

Our first obstacle was gaining access to the cars ecu, since there is no current OBD solution for the Continental SIM2K ECU we could not read and write data via the port . 

Instead we have to use a method called bench tuning, this allows us to directly read and write data from the flash chip located within the ecu, this also gives us a chance to fully back up the ecu should we encounter problems. 


Tq Llimter map .jpg
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-18 at 4.43.39 PM.
i30 N Performance Stage 1 .jpg

After building our stage 1 calibration we proceeded to load the map onto the ecu ready to test on the dyno.

Results came in at 309Bhp and 344ftlbs of torque, a decent gain at peak power aswell as a hefty improvement from 4000rpm to 6000rpm .

As you can see from the graph this is where the remap really comes into its own. 

While testing we concluded that the main restriction is the factory down pipe , we are expecting to see over 330bhp with a free flowing down pipe and exhaust.


Results will come at a later date once we build a down pipe and also look into upgrading the factory intercooler + Induction. Inlet temperatures where around 25 degrees with an ambient temperate of 13 degrees in the dyno cell.


Over all the engine power has been vastly improved from factory with a stage 1 remap , the interesting part will come when we start seeing more upgraded parts such as turbos and intercoolers. We will then see what these engines are really made of , below is the tuned graph + after video.  

For our Stage 1 Calibration with dyno runs we charge £450 all in.

We also are able to supply our calibration to a local tuner of your choice should you be too far from us.

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